Roadian 581

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Tyre Size – 235/55 R19 101H
Year of Manufacture – 2020
Brand Origin – Korea
Warranty – 3 Years from Manufacture
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Special Offer!Save 50%


Nexen Roadian 581 – 235/55R19 (101H) The Nexen Roadian 581 is an excellent choice of Summer tyres for passenger vehicles balancing traction, reduced noise and stability. With their Optimized Carcass Contour System (OCCS), the tyres resist deformation from stress of high speed, rapid acceleration and sudden braking to retain structural integrity.
The Nexen Roadian 581 features rigid shoulder block that enables cornering abilities and advanced handling. Steering responsiveness and overall stability is further enhanced with the straight center rib. Four wide circumferential grooves efficiently evacuate water from tread to boost wet traction and cancel out aquaplaning.