Roadian 542

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BD 72.600
BD 36.300

Tyre Size – 265/60 R18 110H
Year of Manufacture – 2020
Brand Origin – Korea
Warranty – 3 Years from Manufacture
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Special Offer!Save 50%


Nexen Roadian 542 – 265/60R18 (110H) The Nexen Roadian 542 Ultra High Performance tyres are capable of taking on heavy loads without backlash on their performance. Superior wet traction and safeguard against aquaplaning is certified by the four wide straight and singular straight lateral groove which reduce braking distance and evacuate water from tread. The straight center rib stabilizes the car even under high speeds and on bumpy road while the rigid shoulder block and dual pitch shoulder enable sharp cornering and improved handling. Significantly reduced noise emission is achieved through the five variable pitch sequence that cancels unwanted noise produced during usage.