N Fera RU1

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Tyre Size – 235/65 R17 104H
Year of Manufacture – 2022
Brand Origin – Korea
Warranty – 3 Years from Manufacture
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Special Offer!Save 66%
Special Offer!Save 66%


Nexen N Fera RU1 – 235/65R17 (104H) The Nexen N?Fera RU1 is a high performance, summer tyre made for sport utility vehicles.

This model boasts sharp controllability even at high speeds. The unique in/out balanced rib upgrades the high speed driving stability as it keeps the tyre on the road. The constant road contact stabilizes the tyre against the external driving forces affecting it. The narrow groove on the tyre?s outside shoulder enhances the steering responsiveness and accuracy. These elements raise the speed and accuracy of the steering response to the driver?s commands. Resulting in effortless handling.

This tyre was designed for summer weather performance. The tyre?s asymmetric tread pattern and the special tread compound enhance the summer weather traction. The asymmetric tread design promotes excellent road gripping ability in dry and wet weather. It will not perform well in colder temperatures as the tyre compound loses its traction in winter conditions. The unique tread design features three wide and one narrow circumferential grooves that disperse water away from the tyre footprint and prevent hydroplaning situations. This combination significantly improves the summer weather traction.

The tyre is also fuel efficient and boasts extended usability. It is wear resistant and it slows down the tread wear rate significantly to extend the tread life and tyre usability. It lowers the rolling resistance which, in turn, reduces the fuel consumption and CO2 emissions of the vehicle. The combination of the better fuel efficiency and longer lasting tread life makes the tyre environmentally friendly and cost-efficient.

The Nexen N?Fera RU1 is also able to provide a quiet drive. The tread pattern?s silent sipes decrease the road noise generated while the tyres are in motion by breaking the path of the soundwaves through the footprint and channeling them away from the tread elements. The lower road noise makes the driving experience quiet and comfortable.