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BD 62.150
BD 49.720

Tyre Size – 245/60 R18 104H
Year of Manufacture – 2023
Brand Origin – Korea
Warranty – 4 Years from Manufacture
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Marshal KL21 – 245/60R18 (104H) Environmentally friendly SUV tyre with unparalleled ride comfort. A tyre recommended for today’s modern vehicles which require a high level of grip, handling, safety and comfort. WET PERFORMANCE 4 main channel grooves reduce hydroplaning. Embossed shape within the tread grooves to eject stones. HANDLING STABILITY Centre solid rib bock in tread area to increase handling stability. TRACTION PERFORMANCE Bite edge, sipes & lateral groove increases traction/performance. NOISE PERFORMANCE Optimised variable pitch technique applied to minimise noise during travel.