P Zero

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BD 214.500
BD 160.875

Tyre Size – 265/40 R20 104Y XL
Certified for – Audi AO
Note – Pirelli Noise Cancelling Technology
Year of Manufacture – 2023
Brand Origin – Italy
Warranty – 1 Year from Purchase
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Pirelli P Zero – 265/40R20 (104Y) The P ZERO has been the original equipment of choice for some of the most performance-oriented and powerful models on the market. The P ZEROs asymmetric tread pattern improves braking performance while enhancing grip and control, in dry and wet conditions.P ZERO has a complex structure with dual ply carcass in rayon incorporating kevlar reinforcements. The tread pattern is asymmetric to ensure maximum performance in dry and wet conditions, when cornering and in a straight line.