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BD 60.500
BD 45.375

Tyre Size – 275/70 R16 114S
Year of Manufacture – 2023
Brand Origin – China
Warranty – 5 Years from Manufacture
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Goodride SL369 A/T – 275/70R16 (114S) Built for all-terrain use, the Goodride SL369 A/T is ideally suited for drivers who live in the country and need dependable traction in a variety of terrain and weather conditions. Created for all types of pickups, SUV?s and other 4WD vehicles, the SL369 is well priced for drivers looking to save money over the cost of bigger name brand models.

  • Wide tread and multi-stepped grooves increase surface area of tread to enhance traction on both on and off roads
  • Zig-zag grooves offers efficient water drainage and enhanced traction on wet road
  • Large tread blocks help enhanced stability and handling with less noise on highway
  • Aggressive sidewall protectors increase off-road bite and prevent damage from sidewall cut and abrasions